Short term loan solutions because LIFE HAPPENS

What is a Short Term Installment Loan?

Short term or Installment loans can really save you.   We know the LIFE HAPPENS and when it does it’s good to have a partner in your corner who can help with loans that get you through.  Whether its that pesky renovation or making ends meet we have a solution that protects you now and into the future.

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Short Term Loans

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Apply Online Answer a few simple questions and create your account. Once you have an account, you can easily get future loans, and make payments easily online!

Step 2. Application Review

Step 2.

We Review Your Application A member of our Customer Success Team will review your application. This should happen within an hour, although if you apply outside of business hours it will be the next business day

Step 3. Get Your Money

Step 3.

Get your money! Once approved, we will electronically deposit the money into your account by the next business day. This can depend on your bank, but it’s typically before midnight the next business day.

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  • Kent T Singer

    Auto loan – fast, efficient, and a great rate.  All done electronically.  Pre-approval as well.  Makes it way too easy to buy and finance

  • Selena Quento Shop Admin

    I had a great experience with OECU with a recent auto loan. The rate was very competitive and loan docs were turned around the same day. Sarah S went above and beyond to make this a seamless transaction. Would highly recommend Sarah and her team at OECU.

  • Philip D IT Manager

    I was with Chase bank for as long as I can remember until 2012, a few years after I started as full time state employee. It’s not only right next door to my office, the rates, fees, and everything else like that are great. I still have one credit card with Chase but as soon as I pay off the remaining balance, I will not be using that credit card anymore but instead just use the one from the Oklahoma Employees Credit Union. I highly recommend this credit union to anyone.

  • Brandy W Host at SpaceEx

    I worked in banking for 13 years before becoming a state employee. I say this only because OECU does it better than any bank I worked for in my prior life. They have incredible rates and excellent service.  I love their new and used car rates. They offer more loans than banks and it really helps when you cannot afford a new, or nearly new car.
    The savings rates are great too!

  • Brandon W CEO Media Wiki

    Excellent service! I wanted to try a different bank after putting up with the trained monkeys at another bank for far too long. Both the online and in-person experience impressed me. OECU is a member of the shared branching network, so I can use any CU in the network to perform transactions. This is important for someone who travels a lot. Their rates on savings and loans are good to great.

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